Suggestions on Submitting Samples
Send samples to:

ACS Labs, Inc.
16203 Park Row, #100
Houston, TX 77084
Call us at 281-579-8822, or email for questions regarding sample size, shipping, etc. Shipping can be made by local couriers, USPS, UPS, Federal Express, DHL, or other carriers.

Fed Ex and UPS seem to get samples to us faster than anyone, with the least inconsistency. Locally, courier services are great. Our shipping address is:

ACS Labs, Inc.
16203 Park Row, Suite 100
Houston TX 77084

Various types of analyses require different amounts of samples to be submitted for the required analyses. A general guideline of amount of sample to submit is:

Water samples for metals: 100-200ml
Water samples for Mineral Pattern Analysis: 250-500ml
Oil & Organic Liquids: 50-100ml
Organic and/or Chemical Solids: 5-20g
Gases: in pressurized cylinders to yield 5-50g
Ores, Metals, Catalysts, Polymers: 10-20g

Samples are received at ACS Labs, Inc., Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm, with the exception of holidays.

Regular turnaround time at ACS Labs is 3-6 working days in most cases. Longer turnaround time can be expected with large numbers of samples in a project, but ACS strives to complete analysis on a timely basis.

Rush Service is only offered upon availability. Normal turnaround time is approximately 3-6 working days. Rush service must be requested in advance.Rush service is priced at 100% surcharge for 24-48 hour service (provided the samples arrive at ACS Labs with sufficient time to complete the analysis in a 24-48 hour period).

Unless credit has been established, fees must be prepaid, or charged to a credit card.
If payment is made by Purchase Order, a PO# must be submitted along with samples, including billing information.

Credit cards are accepted for payment of analytical services. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discovery. If paying by credit card, please fill out and submit our credit card payment authorization form by fax or email.

All unused samples which ACS Labs cannot dispose of in a proper waste stream will be returned to the client, at the client's expense. ACS Labs is not an authorized shipper of hazardous materials, therefore, if the sample is a hazardous material, the client is responsible for collecting their sample from ACS Labs. Hazardous samples can be shipped by a non-authorized shipper if each sample is less than 30g each.

The typical sample return fee is $30 for group of samples submitted for analysis, based on minimum quantity of sample submitted, return fees will be charged accordingly. If larger sample sizes are submitted, $20 will be charged per sample. There will be an additional charge if liquid hydrocarbon sample is submitted in a tin can which also must be disposed of.

ACS Labs will retain samples for 30-90 days before disposal or return in most cases.

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